About us

Welcome to the website of Maine Coon cattery Berbulu in De Meern. Berbulu means very hairy, and that’s exactly what the Maine Coon is known for, in addition to its large build and steady personality.

We are Chantalle and Emiel, we live in the middle of the country in De Meern, near Utrecht. When we moved in together, we looked for a breed that suits us well. The Maine Coon’s dependable character, energy, and beautiful appearance made us fall in love with them. That’s when Lynn came to live with us, and since that moment, we were smitten.

Maine Coon Anubis


Maine Coon Skye


Berbulu is a small Maine Coon hobby cattery which has about one or two litters per year. We have three female cats: Lynn, Skye, and Anubis. Our goal is to breed healthy, natural, and strong Maine Coon cats. To achieve this, our cats are extensively tested for hereditary diseases before breeding. They are only suitable to breed if they test negative on these test. You can review the test results at our house.

The kittens grow up in our living room among our other cats and will be well-socialized. Growing up in the living room helps them get used to everyday sounds quickly. We provide the kittens with all the love, care, and attention they need to express their full personalities. We expect future owners to do the same.

As a Maine Coon cattery, we are affiliated with the NLKV breed association and Pawpeds.